Shabbat Meals: Red Mullet Livornese-Style

… and the Cosmopolitan Cooking of the Jews of Livorno.

This article and recipe appeared in The Jewish Forward.

Click here to view it.


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  1. beautiful article! i love the deeper dimension the historical background gives the recipe. thanks for sharing.

  2. Jody Steinberg says:

    I would LOVE to make this dish for Shabbat. I used to make it when I lived in Italy form1977 to 1983. I got a similar recipe form the “CUcchiaio d’Argento.” But WHERE can you get red mullets in the U.S?

    • hi Jody, in New York City I find red mullet at Citarella’s. however they are bigger than the Tuscan ones and I don’t like them as much. I often substitute red snapper or orange roughy fillets, with great results. Any firm, non-fatty White fish will do. even trout. Just don’t use flaky kinds such as sole, flounder and tilapia. And absolutely no salmon ( it tastes too sweet and strong).

  3. kathleen sullivan lonski says:


    Your site first caight my eye as once in the very early 80s, first and only visit to Houston TX, as brother held his first job there at the Teasurer’s Department at EXXON. His area diecided to whom charitable donations would be allocated…i. e. GSA vs. Ducks of America.
    While in the city too galas were attened, but the one at TOT where our frined Gail won a trip to “Vienna”, not “Venice came to mind.”
    Love your site.
    Such great optomistic hopefulness that you found in the home of your NYC friends…very touching.
    Gail did go to Venice…we were all singinB. Joel’s “Vienna Waits for You”” that PM as we could not imagine her incredible good fortune as the three of us has come only for the post-banquet cocktail hour during which the cast of Rigoletto came out in full costume, the Duke first, singing “women are dangerous, women are fickle” on bended knee at my feet. My brother was literally hiding behind me LOL whispering “I cannot take you anywhere. We where both single at the time, and happily attended the opera itself the following night.
    So happy the confusion brought me here. as it is as welcoming as your first friends in NY.
    Love the fish dish, and many others.
    Kaathlen Sullivan Lonski

  4. It sounds like an awesome adventure!Wow! So glad I helped bring such fun memories back….

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