Strawberries in Love

Strawberries in Love by @dinnerinvenice

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m taking a little blogging break to recharge my creative batteries and spend some quality time with my family. That also means sticking to the basics in the kitchen. However, basic doesn’t have to be boring.

Strawberries in Love


  • 1 basket of juicy strawberries
  • 4 tsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1 cup prosecco or champagne
  • 4 tsp sugar or more to taste


Wash the strawberries and arrange them in individual shot glasses or all together in a glass bowl.

Drizzle with the prosecco and balsamic and sprinkle with sugar. The balsamic brings out the sweetness, color, and flavor in the strawberries, and is a great thirst-quencher!

Enjoy as it is, or indulge and use as a topping for some good gelato.


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  1. Perfect on a summer day

  2. Well this sounds basically delicious, and perfect for recharging!

  3. This is exactly what I need right now! It’s boiling hot in NY. I want to swim in this beautiful thirst-quencher! 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday Ale!! xx

  4. Refreshing and with a kick, too! Hope you’re having a spectacular time!

  5. Oh, that is just lovely! Buone vacanze! xx

  6. The strawberries are beautiful and look delicious!

  7. What a stunning and refreshing drink! Beautiful pictures

  8. Perfect and refreshing for a hot (and very humid) summer day! Have fun!

  9. So cute and so refreshing!

  10. Beautiful. Enjoy the family time!

  11. well couldn’t agree more — and this sounds and looks divine! Enjoy your quality time!

  12. This sound like the perfect way to highlight summer strawberries. Enjoy your vacation!

  13. I love the title – it made me smile. Basics should never be boring!

  14. No, you are never boring, these look perfect. Enjoy your vacation. Say hi to my friends in Venice.

  15. so refreshing! i love strawberries in any way

  16. I love the single strawberries in individual shot glasses. Does this need to sit a while to really bring out the flavors or is it good right away?

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