Lost Tribes and Tables Regained

lost tribes collage medium

My monthly column in the Jewish Week this month deals with how tradition mixes with innovation, when a “lost” Jewish tribe decides to return to Judaism… what will they make for Rosh HaShana?


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  1. What an interesting thought!

  2. Very interesting article and of course, love the recipe!

  3. Congrats! Cool article.

  4. Congrats on the article!

  5. so interesting how all of us Jews could have such different customs!

  6. I commented on this at the Jewish Week. I found this incredibly interesting. I’ve also read some on this very subject and remain astonished that so many little and sometimes unknown remnants of Judaism remain in the rituals of families that haven’t been Jewish for ages. Lovely recipe too.

  7. I love the combination of traditions and tribes. Very interesting piece, thanks for sharing.

  8. Very cool article! I love learning from you! And I wish my heritage included dairy holiday meals!!!

  9. What a beautiful article. Being a dairy-lover myself, I’m thinking I can definitely support an all-dairy Shabbat or any meal, really. Well done!

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