Symbols of Plenty – Symbols of Tears

The Thanksgiving table is exquisitely symbolic. Aside from pumpkin, and of course turkey, which clearly represent bounty, some other harvest symbols are fraught with ambiguities – and not only in American culture.

Read about them in my latest column for the Jewish Week:

Autumn mini pumpkins

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  1. Hi ALi,

    What a lovely article – this “Loaf in the skin” is a dish I have never hear of – I love the idea!

  2. Beautiful article. Love hearing about different food customs!

  3. Beautiful article!

  4. Pam Green says:

    I clicked the link but it goes to the main Jewish Week website page. How do I find your article specifically?

  5. Website glitches! But thanks for the URL. The story is heartwarming and a good reminder about being thankful as Jews and Americans.

    • exactly Ronnie! Do you know that in NYC Congregation Shearith Israel (AKA the Spanish Portuguese synagogue) has been conducting special Thanksgiving services since President George Washington first declared this holiday? (in 1789). They have a special Thanksgiving morning service that includes several chapters of Psalms—parts of the Hallel -and a prayer for America.

  6. I always love what I learn from you.


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