Italian Chocolate Kisses

Baci - Italian Chocolate Kisses

My latest article is all about kisses…. the chocolate kind!


With a recipe for an easy home-made treat (perfect for Valentines with a sweet tooth!): read it here

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  1. Love the tradition and the idea behind them! They look amazing too!

  2. I have always loved those candies. I have never tried making my own, however. I love a new project! Thanks.

  3. Yum!! I’ve never made chocolate candy at home. These look so cute!

  4. Pam Green @MyNewlyewdCookingAdventures says:

    How did you find the recipe?! Or was it trial and error?

  5. ooh amazing!! I know a lot of people who would love these candies’

  6. Great story. I just got back from Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore where there were Valentine’s cards/candies and gifts galore. So I think maybe this is a worldwide trend ….

  7. Love the story! And this could be a verrrrryyyy dangerous recipe to have in the house:)

  8. You know how I am about hiding Baci chocolate… you never know when I am going to find them. Lucky for me, I put them in a safe hiding place , away from my husband but always leave a little note attached with a date of when they have been hidden away. A nice surprise for sure. Just in case he finds that secret hiding place, I wlll know what to do. Love this! Can’t wait to give this a try. I know exactly who is going to test this recipe first! haha! Great job!
    Sunday at the Giacomettis

  9. What’s better than an Italian kiss? 🙂 Nothing! xox

  10. Homemade kisses! What could be better?

  11. These are gorgeous! What a great homemade gift idea.

  12. I remember eating Baci growing up. My father would always bring some when he would come back from his business trips to Milan. Sweet memories

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