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Jewish Italian Cuisine Archives - Dinner in Venice

Chocolate Cream and Strawberry Frozen Delight


Fruity Nutty Tree Day Bread

Symbols of Plenty – Symbols of Tears

Venetian Thanksgivukkah Fritters

Jewish Pumpkin Treats

Bruscadela – Bread and Wine Trifle

Lost Tribes and Tables Regained

Pasta salad with Egg, Radishes and Mache’

Pistachio and Cream Swiss Roll

Strawberry and Prosecco Tiramisu

Raspberry Cake with Whipped Cream and Pink Meringues

Silvia’s Fennel and Red Onion Gratin

Passover Almond Custards – Scodelline

Sweet-and-Sour Seder Carrots

Naughty Potato Chocolate Budino

Bocca di dama with Orange Caramel

Frisinsal – Pharaoh’s Wheel

Venetian Jewish Fish Balls

Rebecchini – Fried Polenta Sandwiches

Fried Chicken Cutlets, Italian-Jewish Style – by Jayne Cohen

Thanksgiving Cornmeal Cake from the Veneto

Baccalà Mantecato – Salt Cod Mousse

Puff Strudel with Chocolate, Hazelnuts and Pears (Sfogliata al Gianduja e Pere)

Stuffed Cabbage, Italian-Style

Italian Hot Chocolate (Cioccolata Calda)

Classic Tiramisu and my Espresso Addiction

Pumpkin Soup with Pomegranate and the meaning of Sukkot

Fish in Saor – Venetian marinated sweet-and-sour fish


Fluffy Honey and Orange Cake

Quince Paste for Rosh HaShana

Grandma’s Eggplant and Apple Jam

Gratin Tomatoes

Shabbat Meals: Red Mullet Livornese-Style

Mount Sinai with Threaded Eggs

Crostata di Visciole (Sour Cherry Tart)

Rice Cake with Pine Nuts and Rose Water

Rotolo di Spinaci e Ricotta

“Masconod” – Sweet Cheese Rolls

Gnocchi alla Romana

Ezekiel’s Olive Chicken

Roman Lamb Roast

Tortino d’Azzima – Matzo Pie

Easy Passover Soup with Frittata (“Dadini in Brodo”)

Pistachio Amaretto Crostata with Chocolate and Berries

Malachi’s Chicken

Sweet Almond Liqueur

Montini and Palline Purim Bon-Bons

Orecchie di Amman (Hamman’s Ears)