Ancient Pots for Modern Cooks

 Copper and Clay Pots  by

In the new Fall issue of Joy of Kosher Magazine (pages 33-37) you will find my new article on “Ancient Pots for modern Flavors”, and a possible answer to why your grandma’s food always tasted best and you were never quite able to replicate it…. and this month, you can get this issue of Joy of Kosher Magazine  for FREE , to read on your iPad:

Alessandra Fall JOK

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  1. I loved your article! I have the print addition, but would be cool to see it on the ipad!

  2. I actually have my great grandmother’s pot and skillet that she brought with her when she came to America. Maybe I’ll try one of these recipes in them…thanks!

  3. Love this article Ale, can’t wait to see the rest of them.

  4. Ale – love this article I learned so much!

  5. Am so excited for more articles from you!

  6. Your writing is amazing but truly, these pictures are amazing work!

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