Pressure Cookers and Slow Cookers

In the new issue of JOK Magazine, the third chapter of my series on Pots and Pans deals with what I once considered two diabolical appliances: Pressure Cookers and Slow Cookers!


Tips, tricks, and tidbits of their curious history…

by the way, this is what many consider the progenitor of our modern pressure cooker, invented by Denis Papin in France in the 1670s:

papin Digester


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  1. It’s such a great issue if I do say so myself! Ale your Pots & Pans series is AMAZING! As always I learn SO much from you! Thanks for contributing!

  2. And featured on the cover, too. Congrats! Actually, I love cooking with pressure, it’s such a time-saver! It’s too bad that pressure cookers seem to have gone out of fashion. They have an unfair reputation as unsafe, although I have to say that “contraption” from the 18th century sure is scary looking…

  3. I loved this article – I love the history you always include in your articles!

  4. I always enjoy your articles in the Joy Of Kosher Magazine, I always learn so much!

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